10 Key Steps That I Took to Set Up My Home Office for Success as a Mompreneur.

One of the key factors contributing to success as a mompreneur is the ability to effectively multitask. Juggling childcare duties, business meetings, and household chores demands exceptional organizational skills and resilience. Despite the demanding nature of the role, many women find fulfillment and empowerment in their journey as mompreneurs.

Organizing your home office a work-from-home mompreneur can greatly improve your productivity and overall well-being. In this post, you’ll learn about the 10 key steps that I took to set up my home office for success as a mompreneur because when your environment is set up for success, you are set up for success! We will highlight some helpful tips and resources that I’ve come across as a mompreneur over the years that I found to be insightful.

10 Helpful Tips to Set-Up your Space for Success

1. Designate a specific workspace

Choose a dedicated area in your home where you can set up your office. This should ideally be a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus without distractions. For the longest time, my office/desk area was a little corner in my bedroom. That was enough to get me started until we were able to move my office from the bedroom to what was, the playroom.

2. Invest in storage solutions

Use shelves, cabinets, file organizers, and storage bins to keep your office supplies, paperwork, and other materials organized and easily accessible. Consider using vertical storage to maximize space. My absolute favorite storage units are storage cubes. They are inexpensive, can be styled to your liking and come in a variety of different heights. Here is the link to the cube storage in my office that I absolutely love.

3. Declutter regularly

This is a weekly habit for me. I am a messy worker. I make a mess with client samples. My floors are completely covered in papers, tile sample, textile sample and more. I have to hop around my office to get to my desk. But every Friday is my day to put everything back in its place and reorganize my office. Keep your workspace clutter-free by getting rid of items you no longer need or use. Regularly decluttering your workspace can help you maintain a clean and organized environment.

4. Create a filing system

Establish a filing system for important documents and paperwork. Use folders, binders, or file cabinets to keep documents organized and easy to find when needed. I also have a separate unit away from my office that houses papers and objects that are not regularly used.

5. Label everything

Trust me! I bought myself a $20 label maker that I also use for so much more than just office use. Labeling shelves, drawers, and containers can help you quickly locate items and keep your office organized. Consider using color-coded labels for different categories of items.

6. Establish a daily routine and adjust your expectations

Set a schedule for your work hours and stick to it as much as possible. Having a routine can help you stay focused and productive throughout the day. These10 key steps that I took to set up my home office for success as a momprenuer also taught me to adjust my expectations. Try not to be so discouraged when a wrench gets thrown into your week. As a mom, we are constantly putting our children’s needs before our own. Sometimes that seeps into our work from home life. It took me quite some time to adjust my expectations and give myself grace when things don’t go my way. It can be such a discouragement when one kid doesn’t nap, or I get a call from the school to pick up my child because they weren’t feeling well. You will experience those days/weeks. It’s the nature of being a good mom! Adjusting your expectations plays a vital role in how we pick up where we left off and continue to strive for success.

7. Minimize distractions

Identify potential distractions in your workspace and take steps to minimize them. This may include keeping your workspace separate from high-traffic areas of your home, using noise-canceling headphones, or setting boundaries with family members. My greatest distraction is my phone. Once I was able to identify that, I put my phone in work mode and set it up to only allow calls and messages from certain phone numbers and apps.

8. Invest in ergonomic furniture

Choose a comfortable chair and desk that are ergonomically designed to support good posture and reduce strain on your body during long hours of work. My greatest regret when purchasing furniture for my office was not getting a stand up desk. My husband’s gift to me this Christmas was an under desk treadmill, but what good is that without a stand up desk? HA! I found a way to make it work so I can both keep my stylish desk and the treadmill but it would have been nice to think that one through a little more especially because fitness has become a huge part of my daily lifestyle.

9. Personalize your space

Add personal touches to your office, such as photos, artwork, or plants, to make it feel more inviting and inspiring. My inspiration is focusing on God’s word to get me through the days, so I recently hung up bible verses in frames. My husband used to have a photo of a small fish swimming in a pool of sharks. That was his motivation and reminder that he’s a “small fish swimming with the big fish”.

10. Keep electronics organized

Use cable organizers and cord clips to keep wires and cables tidy and prevent them from becoming tangled and a hazard. This can help reduce clutter and make it easier to access your electronic devices. I like to use zip tie to bind all the wires together. I drilled holes under my desk and hung up a power strip so that there aren’t 10,000 wires going to and from the walls.

These are a mompreneur’s guide to set up your work from home space and the 10 key steps that I started with to set up my home office for success as a mompreneur. I hope you find these tips helpful! You can create a well-organized and functional home office that supports your productivity as a work-from-home mom. It takes a lot to set it up in the beginning, but it’s so worth the time and investment. Be sure to check out my Home Office Shop to help you with your organizing! Happy Shopping!

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