We bring what inspires you to life

Are you ready for transformation?

It’s time to live inside your vision…

Are you stuck and don’t know where to begin? Or have you begun but don’t know which direction to take your project? This is where we come in and streamline your process. We will work with existing furniture and or start with a clean slate. We will communicate with contractors and builders. We also provide floor plans, sources for furnishing, window treatments, art, lighting and so much more! 

Interior Design does not have to be intimidating

Let us step in and take charge for you…

Why hire an interior designer?

∴ You’re overwhelmed and need a professional to take over and create a Design that is right for you.

∴ You want function and beauty to work in your favor.

∴ You’re intimidated by the process and just want to hand it off to someone who will handle it for you. 

∴ You’re unsure of which direction you want to take your design and need to seek a professionals guidance. 

How it works...

What comes with each package?

Questionnaire | An online questionnaire designed to help your Designer discover your goals, wants and needs for the project(s). 

Design Interview | A zoom meeting to walk your Designer through the space. We will discuss the answers to your questionnaire in depth and will also go over details about my process. 

Welcome Email | A welcome pack is delivered via email. This packet will explain all of the steps that need to take place in order to have a successful design process. Each client gets their own personalized webpage on my site that will be visible for a maximum of 2 years from the end date of our project. 

Personalized Webpage | Each client gets a website that is personalized to their needs for the project. This is used as a hub to review progress and communications so that nothing gets lost in your email. 

Design Boards | The client receives a floor plan and concept board at the 2nd phase in our design process. Both the concept board and floor plan examples are displayed in the sliding image.  

Design Revisions | 2 design revisions are included with each design package. 

Shopping List | The shopping list will include all of the items needed in order to populate the design plan that was constructed for the client. 

Set-up Instructions | A list of set up instructions are included for the client to set up themselves and/or for contractors to view and follow. 

After Project Communications | The client will have 15 days after the project is complete to communicate any out of stock issues and/or other communications that may need to occur. 

All projects are done electronically! 


Prices begin at $499 per room

Prices are based on each on each individual project and the needs of the client. Clients will have the opportunity to choose from an al a carte menu. The menu will include other services such as renders, paint selections, finish selections, etc. 

The process has been designed this way to allow the client to have control over how to budget what they want to spend on design services. It is designed this way for budget friendly projects but can also be structured to fit full design service projects as well. 

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