Selecting Kid-Friendly Dining Chairs

What Makes this Significant? As a lover of all things design, I wholeheartedly recognize the significance of discovering an item that perfectly aligns with my preferences, only to reluctantly return it to the shelf due to safety concerns for my children. Children are remarkably resilient, but accidents can still occur. Being attentive to specific aspects […]

Jonah and the Whale

When God speaks Prior to finding out the gender of our baby, my husband had a strange prophesying moment while we were in church one day. He claims that he was praying to know more about the destiny of our child, and God spoke to him in that moment. God told him that we were […]

Lighting in Interior Spaces

Why Lighting in Interior Spaces is So Important Source: Rejuvenation Artificial lighting can manipulate our subconscious thoughts and feelings… Why is lighting in an interior space so important? Have you ever walk into a place and the atmosphere just felt vibrant but relaxed? What about walking into a space that felt eerie although it was […]

How Can a Painted Ceiling Set the Ambiance?

Painted Ceilings Can Set the Ambiance One unique concept to drawing positive attention to a space is to paint the ceiling of the space to accent the wall color. Painted ceilings can set the ambiance in a room. I know what you’re thinking, it’s too risky for me, but it’s actually quite settling if done […]

5 Ways to Make your Home Cozy After the Holidays are Over

5 Ways to Make your Home Cozy After the Holidays are Over The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year. Everyone gathers, you get to fill empty spaces in your home with Christmas decor, and best part of all is that we celebrate the birth of our savior! But what about after the holidays […]

Modern Mosaic


Are Tiled Accent Walls Replacing Wallpaper? The latest trends becoming more noticed are mosaics being used in powder room accent walls. It is used as a focal point for the space to intrigue a viewers attention. It is also being used as a preferred method to wallpaper because wallpaper can sometimes damage easily. Tiled accent […]