Royal Coral Nursery

It's the little details

In crafting a baby girl nursery that blends modern sophistication with elegant charm, the fusion of coral and gray hues forms a delightful palette that speaks warmth and tranquility. The coral accents infuse the space with a gentle vibrancy while the subdued gray tones provide a soothing backdrop. The room’s centerpiece, a beaded chandelier suspended from the ceiling, casts a soft glow, lending an aura of enchantment to the ambiance.

Decorating the walls with simplicity, yet whimsical prints featuring an adorable llama and sheep, their playful expressions adding a touch of whimsy to the room’s decor. For the wall color, we opt for Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. Against the backdrop of a luxurious Persian rug, the prints pop with personality, inviting exploration and imagination. A faux tree tucked into a corner introduces a hint of the outdoors, infusing the space with a subtle natural charm.

For moments of quiet bonding, a cozy rocking chair nestled beside an oversized centerpiece ottoman offers a serene spot for parent and child to share stories and cuddles. The ottoman’s plush upholstery beckons relaxation, while its generous size accommodates cherished moments of togetherness. Together, these elements unite to create a baby girl nursery that harmonizes modern flair with timeless elegance, fostering a nurturing environment for cherished memories to blossom. Speaking of serene bonding moments, take a look at the post we penned about my son’s nursery.

coral colored nursery with natural elements beaded chandelier rocking chair and persian rug.

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