How Can a Painted Ceiling Set the Ambiance?

Painted Ceilings Can Set the Ambiance

One unique concept to drawing positive attention to a space is to paint the ceiling of the space to accent the wall color. Painted ceilings can set the ambiance in a room. I know what you’re thinking, it’s too risky for me, but it’s actually quite settling if done correctly.  A few of my client’s had a hard time committing to this plot. But once the idea was presented, they immediately fell in love!

Paint that Ceiling Anything but White...

As previously mentioned, a painted ceiling of a color other than white is usually a risky move for most people. But there are perks to doing something a little risky from time to time! Pretty much any space can have a painted ceiling to change up the aesthetics, but I’m not a fan of it all of the time. A formal dining room is a unique space that can be manipulated for aesthetics. Same goes for a powder room, lower levels (finished basements) and bedrooms. However, if there are tall ceilings in a space, it take away from the illusion of the height and make the room seem smaller. 

Gather your Materials...

First, begin by gathering all of the finish and furnishing materials that you plan to use in the space. A paint chip for the wall, ceiling and trim, or a wallpaper sample, floor sample, fabric samples that may be used in the space. Create a little vignette of all of these pieces next to each other, decide what you love and what you want to change, then take it from there. If you’re working with a professional, trust the professional. Look over the work they present and make changes to the things you don’t love so much. Painting a ceiling a color other than white can often be intimidating, but I promise it can be just as beautiful!

Check out this source I found on where they give 27 examples of aesthetically pleasing painted ceilings. Be sure to shop all my affiliate links below! 

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