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Babe Cave Playroom Decor

babe cave playroom decor and organization

Surprise Gender

Welcome to the ultimate babe cave! Upon finding out about my second pregnancy, I always wanted to create a fun and girly playroom for Paityn. I decided to wait until we knew what the sex of our second child was. This also meant that we had to wait until the baby would be born because we kept the gender a surprise. So much waiting and patience went into my second pregnancy. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, it was very of annoying not knowing the sex!

When Reese was born, I started doing my research and looking for the perfect pieces of furniture and/or decor to go into the room. Paityn is obsessed with Disney princesses and unicorns, so we turned her playroom into a magical and fun fill babe cave! 


babe cave playroom decor and organization cube storage bean bags unicorns and princess
babe cave playroom decor and organization wall art displays

Babe Cave Stations

My favorite part about the design of the space was creating stations for the playroom. One station is a creative station where the girls could create artwork. That space also allows for them to play with play-doh and have tea parties. Above the table and chairs is where the drapery rod is hung up. This was done to allow them to display their artwork immediately or to let it dry.  Above the rod will be a display of their best art in photo frames. 

The next station is a relaxing station, with two unicorn bean bags (one for each girl) to sit and read books, watch TV, or take a nap. There are blankets and pillows in a bin. The cubby bins are all labeled with photos on them to help them recognize which bin houses her puzzles, action figures, beauty supplies, etc. This is my way of training her to stay organized. I’ll touch more on that later. 

The following station is her pretend play station. This has their kitchen and food (fake food of course), tea party play pieces,  princess dresses to the side on a hook. And of course a few storage bins for random toys and random play. 


babe cave playroom decor and organization kitchen play area

Teaching Organization Skills

One thing my oldest (4 year old) is not great at, is staying organized. She HATES attempting to stay and/or be organized. She gets this from her dad. However, I’ve been working on this with her. I feel that it is important for her to be a kid, but also know how to put things back where they belong when she’s done playing. Labeling her bins for her helps her to know where everything goes. That puzzle pieces belong in the puzzle bin, that action figures all belong in the action figure bin, that if she ever can’t find something it’s simply because she wasn’t doing a good job at staying organized. So far, it’s working. It’s taken a few months for her to get used to but there has been some major progress throughout. Reese (my 6 month old) is still too little to know any better, but I’m hoping what I teach my 4 year old will eventually rub off on my little Reese as she grows.  

I’m in the process of installing the wall art. I will post all of the images once its fully pieced together. Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest to stay up to date! You’ll also find more fun stuff on the LikeToKnow.It app and follow me on there!

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