Textures and Patterns in Design

Textures and Patterns 

I’m thrilled to showcase a Master Bedroom Design currently in progress! Working with this client has been truly delightful. Together, she and her husband envisioned a cozy ambiance, blending serene blue tones with natural hues. Our emphasis lies in exploring textures and patterns to create a harmonious space. We kept the walls a warm neutral tone and decorated with earthy textures.

Mixing Metals 

I proposed the concept of blending metals, and initially, she was hesitant about it until I unveiled the concept. Many clients are cautious about mixing metals, but I encourage them to embrace it! When executed tastefully, it can elevate the design. In this project, we seamlessly integrated gold and black metals: black accents in the drapery rod and artwork frame, and gold touches in the furniture hardware, legs, and mirror frame. The result is effortlessly elegant and tasteful.

Statement piece

What’s the initial focal point in the drawing below? For many, it’s the chandelier. We chose a stunning seashell chandelier to serve as the room’s centerpiece. Its texture commands attention, effortlessly drawing the viewer’s gaze. Moreover, it beautifully harmonizes the space. Hailing from Naples, FL, our client found it fitting to infuse a beach-inspired element into her home in a subtle way. See something you aspire to have in your own home? Shop the links below! Want to find more? Check out our favorite finds online affiliate store here where you can shop from hundreds of different stores all in one place!

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