Paityn’s Big Girl Bedroom Reveal

A Home is a Never Ending Piece of Art…

Ever work on a project and question your every single move? Designers do to, believe it or not! August of last year, my husband and I bought a house in our home town. We gutted so much of it, and still have so much more to do. A home is a never ending piece of art, right? We held off for quite a bit on working on my daughter, Paityn’s,  big girl bedroom to focus on other areas of the house that required more of our attention. Today, I’m excited as ever to reveal to you my baby girl’s big girl bedroom!

Finishes and Drawing

One of the very first things we did when we moved in was paint. I chose a Sherwin William’s color called Wallflower. The color is a purplish pink, and Paityn loves both colors so much, so I knew this color would be perfect for her bedroom. 

This past March, however, I started working on her drawings for her new bedroom. Her bedroom is SO small that we weren’t even sure we were able to fit a actual bed in there. I played around with CAD drawings, and discovered that she was going to have very limited space for traffic. I dabbled with the idea of using a daybed, although I knew I really wanted her to have an actual bed. So I found a way to make it all work. We purchased a simple 6″ bed frame from Amazon, and my main focus became the headboard. I made it a priority to make sure her headboard was the focal point of the entire bedroom. 

I tried to be careful with the color pink. Pink can easily become an overdone color, and that was the last thing I wanted to happen. So I focused on white. 

Re-Purposing the Dresser

Before Paityn was born, I hand painted her dresser a crackled finish, egg blue color, accenting it with gold and crystal ball-looking hardware. It turned out gorgeous! I didn’t want to get rid of the dresser because it had so much meaning, so I made sure to work with it. 

Regretfully Pink

I originally had planned to find a white upholstered headboard, and I did, but I wasn’t 100% happy with this look. Everything just seemed so pink, and regret began to sink in on the color that was chosen for her bedroom. I thought about adding wallpaper, but wallpaper can become dated and is a pain to remove (even though there are better options out there now). I debated re-painting her bedroom to a white color, or even having a white accent wall to tone down the pink. Nothing seemed to satisfy my thoughts, until I found the perfect headboard! Grand Sienna Headboard by Urban Outfitters. OMGoodness did I fall in love! (I don’t recommend this headboard for children who like to climb, lol!) Slowly, everything began to fall into place.

I re-purposed a lot of the artwork that was in her nursery at the time to allow it to work in her big girl room. Finding a duvet or something that wasn’t pink was difficult. I needed a calming color, and what better than white?! I found the perfect duvet set from Target’s Opal House Collection and paired it with a single decorative pillow from Etsy. If Paityn somehow found a way to ruin the duvet, I wouldn’t be as upset because it was on the inexpensive side. It won’t break the bank for me to replace it, so I found it to be just right for her bedroom. 

Kids Ruin Everything…

Kids tend to ruin everything, right? I mean they can’t keep a darn thing clean or organized. I debated getting her an actual nightstand, but was so afraid she would pinch her fingers in the drawer, or try and stand on it. There are so many things to take into consideration when designing a child’s bedroom. I came across an end table randomly while I was shopping and stood there for 5 whole minutes contemplating on grabbing it for her nightstand. I brought it home, and voila, it was perfect! Scroll to the bottom to shop! 

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