Welcome to the first step of your design journey!

Below is a series of questions that will help determine the next steps in our design time together. Please be as detailed and as descriptive as possible. Allow yourself 25-30 minutes to complete all questions and submit your floorplan sketch. If you have questions that you need answered as you’re answering these questions, send me an email or select the chat feature to the right of the page. I am usually quick to respond. If I do not respond right away, answer to the best of your ability but let me know that you’re unsure about how to answer the question, and we’ll go over it in the next couple of days. I’m so excited and look forward to working with you on your journey into making your house feel like home ♥

New Project Questionnaire

Please include a sketch of your room with dimensions of every wall, ceiling height, window and door width and heights, as well as any other details. For tips on how to do this please visit our How to Measure Guide