Modern Mosaic

Are Tiled Accent Walls Replacing Wallpaper?

The latest trends becoming more noticed are mosaics being used in powder room accent walls. It is used as a focal point for the space to intrigue a viewers attention. It is also being used as a preferred method to wallpaper because wallpaper can sometimes damage easily. Tiled accent walls can typically handle more wear and tear and be easily wiped down when needed. Wallpaper requires a little more special attention depending on the texture being used.

Is Tiling an Accent Wall Expensive?

You can find tile mosaics anywhere from $5 a square foot to $250 to square foot (sometimes more) depending on the brand, style and cut of the tile. Hand made and laser cut tiles are typically more expensive than regular larger tiles such as subway tiles. When tiling an accent wall, be sure to factor in the costs of the adhesive that will be used to stick the tile to the wall, the tile itself, finishing ends (such as a pencil liner, if needed), grout, and potential sealer (mostly used for natural stones). 

My Experience Using Tiled Accent Walls

As a lot of people already know, I used to work for a tile company so using tiles is my preferred method of design because I know the product and love the style. Wallpaper is a beautiful tool to use as well, I just prefer tile because like I previously mentioned, most things can easily be wiped down. But it’s also important to keep acoustics in mind. Meaning that the sound in the powder room will echo more because of the use of hard material of tile. So adding a rug, towels or more soft materials will help lessen the echoes of someone potentially using the restroom.  


Modern Mosaic Powder Room

Earlier last year, I design this stunning modern mosaic powder room for our home. This is what would be done had we decided we were going to live here a while longer. I love a modern farmhouse look, so adding a blend of the two was exactly what I did to make it the right design for our home. The mosaic tile is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is seen right from the door leading into the powder room. 

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