What is Interior Design Online?                  Interior Design Online allows a Designer to customize a project that is right for you. It’s using virtual techniques to piece furnishings and finishes together to view prior to making a big decision or a big purchase. 

How does it benefit me?                                You won’t be wasting anymore time or energy on figuring out what works best. You’ll save yourself so many trips to the store to make returns on items you thought were a good fit for the space, but come to find out it’s not what you thought it would be.

You’ll be working with a professional who will curate a plan that best suits you and your family for the kind of lifestyle you want to live. We work with any realistic budget. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a local client. We can work together as long as you reside in the United States! It is my job and my goal as your Designer to simplify your lifestyle!

Fact Finding:
Step One

Your Designer will send a questionnaire for you to fill out and a measurement guide. A series of questions will determine your style, family's wants and needs, budget and goals for the project. Measurements are required in order to proceed with the process.

Step Two

Your Designer will collaborate with you to curate a design that is best for your needs. During this phase, a floorplan and concept board will be presented. All changes will take place after presentation.

Step Three

Place all orders yourself, or ask your Designer for help with purchasing. Watch your packages come rolling in! Follow the instructions given to you at the end of Design Time to create the same look your Designer created for you.

Step Four

Send a photo, post the photo on Facebook or Instagram, tag @mydesignhaven and talk about your experience working with me and receive 10% off your next project!

Virtual 3D Renders: Add. $100 per hour

Design Haven now allows you, the client, the opportunity to spend what best fits your budget to hire an Interior Designer. 

A Virtual 3D Render gives a realistic feel for what the furnishings and accessories will look like in your actual space. Using a Virtual 3D Render allows multiple angle views. This service is perfect for the person who aspires to see the final decision in your space prior to making purchases. This service is highly recommended, but not required, when changes to finishes are being made (i.e. walls, flooring, cabinetry, counter tops, etc.). Clients are welcome to add this service after we’ve begun working together. Five angle views per room are given. 

Drop-in Render: Add. $100 per photo

If you have a high quality image of the space we are working on, send it in! For a small additional charge, we are able to work with the image to input the new pieces of furnishings to give you a better visual of what the space will look like when completed. This technique is only used when finishes such as paint, flooring, etc. are not being changed. This will help the client with the final decisions prior to making purchases by plugging in the new design to the space we are working on. 

Please note that this service is priced per photo. Have multiple photos that you’re interested in filling prior to making final design decisions? Let me know and I’ll go over the discounted pricing options with you to help you the best I can!

If you’re not sure that you’ll need this service, don’t worry! It can be added later.