Studio McGee Inspired Design

Peacock Feather Design

I was grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with a client to revamp her outdated dining room. The client’s love of Studio McGee’s work allowed us to create a Studio Mcgee Inspired Design. We drew up significant inspiration from this living room design crafted by Studio McGee. This particular design showcased a vibrant palette, incorporating cream, gold, orange, emerald, and navy tones (as depicted below), evoking the rich hues of a peacock’s feather.

Photo Via Studio McGee. Designer: Studio McGee

Photo Via Studio McGee. Designer: Studio McGee

Design Time 

Throughout our collaboration, we opted to incorporate patterns into the drapery, mirroring the approach taken with the pillows in the McGee living room design. The patterned drapes serve a pivotal role, imparting texture and elegance to the space. We echoed a complementary pattern in the pendant ceiling fixture. Furthermore, texture was introduced through various elements. These included a woven floor mirror propped against the wall, a leather bench, plush velvet chairs, and a sturdy wooden dining table. The diverse array of materials contributes to crafting an impeccable setting!


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