How to Become an Organized Person in the New Decade

Making small changes…

As you step into the New Year, are you considering the importance of setting positive daily goals and cultivating healthy habits for yourself? It all starts with you and your immediate surroundings! By making incremental adjustments to your environment and lifestyle, you pave the way for greater positivity and transformation.

Take a moment to assess your living space. Is it tidy and organized according to your preferences? Does it reflect the current styles and trends? Maintaining a clean and organized environment can significantly reduce the stress that accompanies your daily routine.

So, Where Do You Start?

I may not claim expertise in having life all figured out. Believe me, I’m still on the journey myself! Yet, drawing from my past experiences, I’ve cultivated positive daily habits that stemmed from New Year’s resolutions. Admittedly, I encounter moments of laziness, but I always prioritize refining my goals and habits weekly to keep myself on track.

Let’s start with the basics: jot it down! Write down your aspirations, the habits you aim to cultivate, any ideas brewing in your mind—anything that could positively impact your life. It could be as simple as making your bed each morning or waking up five minutes earlier to avoid the rush-hour chaos. Anything that promises a brighter, more fulfilling life, put it on paper.


Then, devise a proactive action plan. Outline how you intend to implement this plan and kick-start your journey from there!

When I initially decided to partake in the whole New Year’s Resolution phenomenon, I didn’t put pen to paper. I naively believed I had everything perfectly mapped out in my mind, only to succumb to laziness and apathy over time. The following year, at my husband’s insistence, I committed my goals to writing—and goodness, did it make a difference! I penned down aspirations for my business, lifestyle adjustments, home improvements, and even desired travel destinations for the upcoming year. By establishing positive habits that enriched my surroundings, mental and physical well-being, and overall sense of organization, I experienced a remarkable transformation—all thanks to putting it down on paper.

Recently, I stumbled upon a secret strategy that I’m excited to share: write it down, organize it, prioritize it, and execute it. To aid in this process, I color-coordinated my planner using erasable pens I found on Amazon, allowing for optimal organization and clarity.

Setting up your surroundings for change

The environment you inhabit shapes your daily routines. Maintaining cleanliness and organization in your surroundings is pivotal for fostering positive habits. Surprisingly, even a small task like making your bed in the morning can foster a positive mindset and evoke a sense of achievement. That’s right! As affirmed by an article on, this simple act has been shown to do exactly that.

Bins are your best friend…

Resist the urge to simply dump everything into the junk drawer; alas, it won’t miraculously sort itself out. Doing so will only compound your stress, especially when you’re scrambling to find something later on! Head to the dollar store and invest in inexpensive bins and organizers for your drawers, cabinets, and closets. Bins are your saving grace!

Make use of labels! Proper labeling can deter others from undoing the tidy work you’ve just accomplished.

The journey toward establishing small, daily habits and effecting change starts with you. No one else can desire it more for you than YOU. You’re the one who must be willing to invest the effort and take action. It all begins with you!

Don’t be intimidated!

Embarking on a New Year’s resolution can feel daunting, but initiating small changes in your daily routines can pave the way for more significant transformations! Remember, it’s normal to veer off course occasionally. It’s alright if things become disordered or chaotic; the important thing is to carve out time to address them. The reassuring news is that there’s always tomorrow—you don’t have to wait until next year to cultivate a positive and organized lifestyle.

If you’re seeking a little motivation to tidy up and start afresh this New Year, I’m here to assist you! Establishing an organized environment can heighten your productivity and likely yield success in various facets of your life.

I’ve included some of my favorite planners to help kickstart your journey! Personally, I’ve opted for a Day Designer planner for this New Year, and I must say, I’m absolutely enamored with it. Having used one last year, it provided everything I needed and more to stay on track and organized.