Interior Design FAQ's

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How long does the average eDesign project take?

It depends on the complexity of the project. The average room can take up to 14 business days, but some rooms can take up to 30 business days if construction is involved. 

How many revisions do I get?

Each client is allowed 2 revisions per room. After 2 revisions, it becomes an hourly cost. Most clients don’t go past their two revisions. 

Do you do multi-room projects?

Yes! Multi-room projects need about 10 business days per room for completion. 

How do you determine pricing?

Pricing is determined by the complexity of the project. Construction projects are more than a decorative projects because they may require elevation plans, detailed floorplans, and communications with contractors, material experts, and shipping departments. The client also has the option to add-on other services that are not included with standard package pricing such as renders of the project prior to full completion, initial consultations (for local clients to Metro Detroit only), etc.

Do you project manage jobs?

No. This is something that you will have to take up with a contractor. I will communicate with the contractor the details and specifics of the project but I do not come on site to project manage.

Do you only work with local clients?

Nope! I work with clients all around the US! Local clients to Metro Detroit have the option to have me come in and do an initial consultation in person for an additional cost. Non-local clients will have their initial consultations done via zoom. 

How long does an initial consultation take on average?

Local in-person consultations take about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. I do the measuring for you, take all the photographs needed, and review your questionnaire more in depth to answer all of the questions that I have for you. Zoom meetings typically take about 30-45 minutes. 

What does a welcome packet include?

A welcome packet includes a measuring guide, more details on your Interior Designer, an inspiration image with details of what I have in mind for your project. and more in depth details about the process of how our time together works.