Designing a Gender Neutral Nursery

After taking some much-needed time away, I’m excited to reconnect and discuss Gender Neutral Nurseries with all of you! My husband and I are expecting our second child this summer, and we’ve made the decision to wait until the birth to discover the baby’s gender. Now, here’s the catch: I’m a planner by nature. I thrive on knowing everything in advance, and surprises aren’t exactly my cup of tea. The uncertainty of not knowing whether our baby will be a boy or a girl triggers some serious anxiety because I’m unsure how to plan for their arrival. What can we reuse from our daughter’s nursery, and what will we need to purchase anew? It’s a waiting game, indeed. My husband believes we should embrace the uncertainty and have fun with it, so I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone and follow his lead. Let’s explore the elements that make up a gender-neutral nursery together…

Ask Key Questions

I always start by asking my clients about their vision for their child’s nursery. Do they want it to exude warmth and hospitality? Should it evoke a sense of tranquility and unity? What do they envision as the focal point of the nursery? What’s their true vision?

It’s fascinating how everyone tends to have a unique response to these inquiries. It’s essential to remember that there are no right or wrong answers. It all boils down to my clients’ preferences and what they envision for their baby’s space. In many cases, including my own, parents prefer to repurpose their first or second child’s crib, and that’s perfectly acceptable. I then tailor the design around the crib, ensuring it fits seamlessly into the overall aesthetic.

Gathering Inspiration

One valuable lesson I’ve learned through my experience is the significance of inspiration. Gathering inspiration serves as a cornerstone for me as a designer, enabling me to craft a visual representation that resonates with my clients. Rather than simply duplicating inspiration, I prefer to incorporate elements that capture the parents’ attention.

Starting with inspiration sets the stage for the entire creative process. It’s essential to bring forth the sources of inspiration and discuss what aspects you adore, what you dislike, and what alterations you’d consider. Delving into the ‘whys’ behind these preferences is crucial. Why are certain elements appealing and why do others fall short? Why do you feel compelled to modify certain aspects? Documenting these responses is key. They serve as a compass, guiding you towards the desired outcome and helping you navigate the project with precision.

Shop It Out

Start by prioritizing the selection of large furniture pieces, and leave accessories for later consideration. When choosing these larger items, pay attention to the color and pattern scheme. Seek out dark and light colors that complement each other, creating a balanced contrast. I often recommend rugs with random patterns for my clients. Why? Well, let’s be honest—babies can be messy. From spit-up to diaper mishaps, it’s best to have a rug that can hide stains effectively.

Avoid overspending on a single piece of furniture. There are numerous ways to achieve a stunning nursery without breaking the bank on a $1,000 crib. Splurging is unnecessary unless you have a larger budget to accommodate it. Be realistic about your budget as baby items can quickly add up, and much of it ends up being underutilized. By strategizing wisely, you can save a significant amount of money.

An interesting observation I’ve made about planning a gender-neutral nursery is that it’s easier to prepare for a boy and add touches of pink if you end up having a girl. Take a look at the example photo below for inspiration by Lexi Grace Design.

This nursery could serve as a versatile gender-neutral space by incorporating essential furniture pieces in neutral tones. Later, you can introduce touches of pink or blue through accessories. Items such as artwork, mobiles, rugs, blankets, figurines, drapery, and pillows can be added for decoration after the baby arrives. It’s crucial to prioritize acquiring the fundamental pieces first. For those who prefer not to wait, seek out coordinating pieces with a cohesive theme.

Re-Create Your Inspiration With Your Own Flare

The nursery designed by Lexi Grace Design served as a source of inspiration for creating a beautiful nursery space. With its juxtaposition of dark and light colors and the option to add pink for a girl or blue for a boy, it offered a versatile aesthetic. Personally, I adore the boho-chic style, which is a departure from the whimsical theme I chose for my daughter Paityn’s bedroom—and that’s perfectly fine! Paityn’s room exuded whimsy, but for this baby, I’m envisioning a more bold and diverse design. Here’s what I’ve conceptualized:

When I first shared this, it seemed like everyone assumed we were expecting a boy. I designed with a boy in mind, but I can easily adapt it for a girl if that’s the case. Here’s a great example of how it can be transformed:

Begin with the foundational furniture pieces, keeping them neutral, and then enhance the space with accessories like pink accents or items with a more feminine touch.

Here’s how to dress it up for a boy:

Maintaining the coherence of the blues while infusing the design with character and intricate details.

Do the Work

Ultimately, it’s time to take action. I can’t stress enough how crucial it is for my consulting clients to measure before making a purchase. Measurements ensure the item fits through doorways and aligns well within the designated space alongside existing furniture pieces. A practical approach involves using painter’s tape to map out the flooring and wall areas according to the correct dimensions of the furniture and artwork. Since some stores have strict return policies, it’s essential to exercise caution and be well-informed about return procedures before finalizing your purchases!

Finally, enjoy the process! This period should be filled with joy and anticipation. There’s no need to stress over your baby’s nursery. Keep in mind that typically, babies sleep in your room for the first three months after birth. So, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Everything will come together in due time, and remember, I’m here if you need assistance! Take a look at my packages and feel free to reach out if you’d like to learn more and get started!


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