Charming Traditional Design

What I adore most about tradition is its enduring presence; it persists, resurfacing time and again without ever truly disappearing. Traditional interior design embodies this quality beautifully! As a designer, I’ve carved out my niche in a blend of modern and farmhouse aesthetics. Nevertheless, clients’ preferences regarding design styles can vary, and that’s perfectly acceptable! It falls upon me, as the designer, to conceptualize a vision that resonates with my clients and encapsulates their desires for their living spaces. To learn more about my process, click here.

In this particular design, we’ve embraced a striking wallpaper pattern alongside a classically designed console table. Complemented by a gold-framed mirror and carefully curated accessories, the tableau exudes timeless elegance. While the farmhouse-inspired chairs add a rustic charm, their versatility allows them to harmonize effortlessly with diverse styles.

What captivates me most about this design is our playful exploration of color. Sherwin Williams’ Naval, hailed as the color of the year, will adorn the ceiling, while a captivating wallpaper will envelop all four walls of the room, accentuated by Sherwin Williams’ Pure White trim. While many are accustomed to the neutrality of a white ceiling, this project embarks on a bolder path, adding an element of daring sophistication to the space.