5 Ways to Make your Home Cozy After the Holidays are Over

how to make your home cozy after the holidays are over

5 Ways to Make your Home Cozy After the Holidays are Over The holidays are my absolute favorite time of year. Everyone gathers, you get to fill empty spaces in your home with Christmas decor, and best part of all is that we celebrate the birth of our savior! But what about after the holidays […]

Modern Mosaic


Are Tiled Accent Walls Replacing Wallpaper? The latest trends increasingly feature mosaics used in powder room accent walls. They serve as focal points, capturing viewers’ attention. Mosaics are also preferred over wallpaper due to wallpaper’s tendency to damage easily. Tiled accent walls typically withstand more wear and tear and are easy to wipe down when […]

Homeschool Classroom Organization for Littles

Kids desk space organization

The start of our Homeschool Journey It’s been a while since I updated my page. This year has been chaotic for everyone. Quarantine has been tough, especially keeping the kids and ourselves sane. COVID has led us to explore the path of homeschooling. Design Haven has been quieter than ever. I spent months finishing up […]

Babe Cave

babe cave playroom decor and organization

Babe Cave Playroom Decor Surprise Gender Welcome to the ultimate babe cave! Upon finding out about my second pregnancy, I always wanted to create a fun and girly playroom for Paityn. I decided to wait until we knew what the sex of our second child was. This also meant that we had to wait until […]

Paityn’s Big Girl Bedroom Reveal

A Home is a Never Ending Piece of Art… Ever work on a project and question your every single move? Designers do to, believe it or not! August of last year, my husband and I bought a house in our home town. We gutted so much of it, and still have so much more to […]

10 Key Steps That I Took to Set Up My Home Office for Success as a Mompreneur.

One of the key factors contributing to success as a mompreneur is the ability to effectively multitask. Juggling childcare duties, business meetings, and household chores demands exceptional organizational skills and resilience. Despite the demanding nature of the role, many women find fulfillment and empowerment in their journey as mompreneurs. Organizing your home office a work-from-home […]