Primary Bathroom Remodel When it’s Not Your Forever Home

As someone who envisioned building a house between 2020 and 2024, the realization that we’re unable to progress due to the current economic climate was incredibly disappointing. For that reason, we opted to settle in and focus on making ourselves comfortable while waiting for conditions to improve, starting with renovating our primary bathroom. I’ve noticed […]

Royal Coral Nursery

coral colored nursery with natural elements beaded chandelier rocking chair and persian rug.

It’s the little details Crafting a baby girl nursery involves blending modern sophistication with elegant charm. The fusion of coral and gray hues forms a delightful palette that speaks of warmth and tranquility. The coral accents, on one hand, infuse the space with a gentle vibrancy. On the other hand, the subdued gray tones provide a […]

A Guide to Decorating Your Built-Ins

fireplace mantle bookshelf decor decorative shelves desk space ideas

Journaling your inspirations and ideas Many individuals often inquire of design professionals: “How should I decorate my bookshelf/built-in shelf/wall shelf?” Achieving a polished appearance isn’t effortless for everyone, but the reality is, it’s simple and entirely feasible for you to accomplish on your own! In this Guide to Decorating Your Built-Ins, you’ll learn to do […]

Selecting Kid-Friendly Dining Chairs

What Makes this Significant? As a lover of all things design, I wholeheartedly recognize the significance of discovering an item that perfectly aligns with my preferences, only to reluctantly return it to the shelf due to safety concerns for my children. Selecting kid-friendly dining chairs can seem a bit intimidating at times, but it doesn’t […]

Jonah and the Whale


When God speaks Before discovering the gender of our baby, my husband experienced a peculiar prophetic moment while we attended church one day. He recounted praying to gain insight into our child’s destiny when he felt that God communicated with him. According to him, we were expecting a boy, and his name would be Jonah. […]

Artificial Interior Lighting Affects

Why Lighting in Interior Spaces is So Important Source: Rejuvenation Artificial lighting can manipulate our subconscious thoughts and feelings… Why is lighting in an interior space so important? Have you ever walk into a place and the atmosphere just felt vibrant but relaxed? What about walking into a space that felt eerie although it was […]