Quarantine Classroom

Quarantine Learning

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted any updates on my page. As we all know, this has been a very crazy year for everyone. Quarantine has been especially difficult trying to keep the kids and ourselves sane. But as for Design Haven, well lets just say things have been a whole lot quieter around here than ever before. I’ve spent the last several months tying up any loose ends on all of the projects that I had been working on and preparing my oldest daughter for remote learning.  Due to the fact that I’m going to have to be hands on with my daughter’s remote learning schedule, I had to stop taking on clients. I’ll save my thoughts and feelings on that for another post

Remote Learning

 Upon signing Paityn, my oldest, up for kindergarten, I knew that the school district was planning to do virtual learning in the fall. With all of the politics involved in the process, there would be a huge conflict of interest, therefore forcing schools to stay shut down until deemed “safe” to return. While it’s still very unclear what “safe” actually means, I was right. They will not be doing in-person learning until it is “safe” to do so. I sprang into action immediately to prepare a space for her in our home that would allow her to stay focused throughout the school year. I posted a photo of Paityn on her first day a couple of days ago and so many people had questions on where a lot of her stuff was from. So today, I’m sharing her little desk space that I was able to set up all for under $300!  

Organization is Key!

Labeling everything is the best way to stay organized and to know where everything goes. Each bin was labeled describing whether the box had crafting supplies, markers, paints, etc. Some bins were color coordinated so that she can distinguish the difference since she is just learning how to read. 

Kids Need Their Own Homework Corner

Whether your child is doing their school work at the dinner table or at a desk, kids need their own quiet space to do their homework. Growing up, my brother and I did our homework at the dinner table. Mom made sure the TV was off, and the house was quiet so that we could focus on what we were doing. 

My goal was to create a space for Paityn that would allow her to stay focused, have all of her supplies all in one place, and make it fun for her to enjoy being in front of a computer for long periods of time.   I found that it’s so important to separate play from studies. A friend asked why don’t I just put her desk in her playroom? I felt that doing so would result in her wanting to play more than focusing on her studies. Giving Paityn this little corner in our house was just what she needed to stay focused during quarantine. Even after this is all over, she will still have this space to come to to do her homework. 

There are a few things that I did recycle from my own office. The printer, lamp, let all you do be done in love sign, hole puncher and chair. But the rest was mostly found online. All this beauty for under $300! You can shop all of my most recent finds down below!