Charming Traditional Design

What is one thing you love most about tradition? Tradition is always there, it keeps coming back and it never really ever went away. Traditional Interior Design works in that way too! 

As a Designer, I’ve chosen my niche to be a mix of modern and farmhouse. However, certain clients don’t always feel the way I do about design styles and that’s totally okay! It’s my job as the designer to create a vision for my clients that sets the tone for what they want in their homes.

In this design, we stuck with a stunning wallpaper pattern as well as a traditionally designed console table. We’ve paired the console table with a gold framed mirror and accessorized around the two. The chairs were apart of my farmhouse touch, but they are too very versatile and can work with just about any style. 

My favorite part about this design is the fact that we’ve played around with the colors. Sherwin Williams color of the year Naval will be the ceiling color, a wallpaper to go on all 4 walls of the room, and Sherwin Williams Pure White as the trim colors. Most people are used to a white ceiling, but this project was a little more daring!