Can We Agree? 

Let’s talk chandeliers for a moment. There is nothing more beautiful than walking into an entry way with gorgeous lighting! Is that something we can agree on? I think so! 

When my husband and I first moved into our house, that was the first thing I mentioned to him that has to go. The awful builder-grade looking chandelier that was included with the build of the house from the 1990’s. Not to mention the lack of light the chandelier provided, ughh. I spent a whole month browsing for the perfect fixture to replace what was currently there. 

No Bling Kinda Gal

Now, I’m not into bling. I like simple. Less is more, in my opinion. So I found that a simple wooden beaded chandelier would fit best with the style that I intended to achieve. And oh my goodness did I score the perfect chandelier for my home! An empire-styled wooden beaded chandelier called the Francesca sold at Pottery Barn. It was just the right size, the perfect look, everything about it was everything I needed.

At first, I struggled with deciding between the Francesca and the Amelia, also sold at Pottery barn. These two were my top two favorites. So I bought them both! Crazy, I know, but I had a plan. One would go in foyer and the other would go in the living room. We also have high vaulted ceilings in our living room, so both of the chandeliers would work great in either rooms. 

End Result

After days of going back and forth, I decided to place the Francesca in our foyer and the Amelia in the living room. I wanted the Amelia to be a part of the focal point to the living room. The plans that I have in mind for the fireplace in the living room will help the Amelia Chandelier stand out the best!

Below are some of my favorite chandeliers that I’ve recommended to clients. I’ll post more on this topic soon with a sample of what I’ve done for some of my clients. Happy Shopping!