How to Become an Organized Person in the New Decade

Making small changes…

Are you going into the New Year in need of establishing positive daily goals and habits for yourself? It all begins with you and your surroundings! Making small changes in your environment and lifestyle will eventually lead to more positive changes! 

Is your house clean? Organized to your standards? Up to date with today’s styles and trends? Having a clean and organized environment can alleviate a lot of the stress that goes into your daily lifestyle.

So, Where Do You Start?

I am no expert on how to get your life together. Trust me, I am still working on mine! However, based on my past experiences, I have created positive daily habits that all began with a New Year’s resolution. I will admit that I do get lazy from time to time, but I always make it a key point to fix the flaws in my goals and habits.

First things first, write it down! Write down your goals, habits that you want to change, ideas that you have, anything that comes to your mind that will influence your life in a positive way. It can be as little as fixing your bed every morning, waking up an extra five minutes earlier so that you’re not rushing out the door causing havoc on the highway. Anything, anything that you know will influence your life more positively, write it down. 


Next, strategize a call to action plan. Write down how you will execute this plan and start there! 

When I first decided that I wanted to join in on this New Year’s Resolution shebang, I didn’t write anything down. I thought I had it all planned out perfectly in my head, and then I got lazy, and eventually stopped caring. The next year my husband made me write it down, and my goodness it helped! I wrote down my goals for my business and lifestyle, changes I wanted to make around the house, and even places that I wanted to travel to in the upcoming year. Creating positive habits that helped my surroundings, mental and physical health, and even felt organized all because I wrote it down. I purchased a cheap $20 planner from Target, wrote down my goals and call to action plans, and I actually did it!

I recently learned a secret strategy that I’ll share. Write it down, organize it, prioritize it, execute it. I color coordinated my planner with these erasable pens that I found on amazon to help me best. 

Setting up your surroundings for change

Your surroundings influence your daily habits. Keeping a clean and organized surrounding is key to positively influencing your daily habits. Did you know that a little task such as fixing your bed in the morning will influence a positive state of mind and inspire feelings of accomplishments? You read that right! According to this article on, it has been proven to do just that!

Bins are your best friend…

Don’t begin by tossing everything in the junk drawer. Unfortunately, it will not magically figure out where it belongs on its own. That will just cause you more stress thinking about it in the long run when you’re in a hurry looking for something! Go to the dollar store and purchase cheap bins and organizers for drawers, cabinets and even your closest. Bins are your best friend!

Label everything! Labeling will likely prevent others from un-organizing the mess you just cleaned up.

Desiring to make small daily habits and changes all begins with you. No one is going to want it more for you than YOU. You have to be the one who is willing to put forth the effort and action. It all begins with you! 

Don’t be intimidated!

Having a New Year’s resolution can be intimidating, but if you start with small changes in your daily habits the bigger changes will follow! Remember, it is okay to get off track every now and then. It’s okay if things get messy or unorganized, you will need to find the time to fix it. The good news is there’s always tomorrow, you don’t have to wait until next year to keep up with a positive and clean lifestyle.

If you are in need of a little encouragement getting organized and starting fresh this New Year, I can help you with that! Setting up your environment will boost your productivity, and will likely create success in other areas of you life.

I’ve attached some of my favorite planners to help you get started! For this New Year, I purchased a Day Designer planner and LOVE it. I had one last year as well, and it was everything I needed and more.