Studio McGee Inspired Design

Peacock Feather Design

After signing off of social media for quite some time now, I am ready to introduce a new post to my blog fam! I’ve been working with a client to get her outdated dining room up to par. She was extremely inspired by a living room design constructed by Studio McGee. This living room design emphasized a boldness in color by introducing cream, gold, orange, emerald and navy tones (pictured below), almost giving off the colors of a peacock’s feather. 

Photo Via Studio McGee. Designer: Studio McGee
Photo Via Studio McGee. Designer: Studio McGee

Design Time 

During our time together, we decided to add pattern to the drapery just as the McGee’s had done to the pillows in the living room. The patterned drapes play an important role by giving the viewer a sense of texture and elegance. We repeated a coordinating pattern in the pendant ceiling fixture. Texture was implemented by including a woven floor mirror leaning up against the wall, a leather bench, velvet chairs and a wooden dining table. So many different kinds of materials to bring to the table for a perfect setting! 


How Can We Help You? 

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