Perfect Playroom Rugs for Young Children

Photo credit: Land of Nod 

Playroom Rugs for Young Children

Have young munchkins running around your home? This post is for you! In this post, you’ll learn to find the best type of playroom rugs and carpets that will work well with having young children in the household.  As a mother myself, I know how important it is to find products that you want to last throughout the years, but also wanting a certain style and ambiance for your home. 

Low Pile Height 

When choosing a rug or carpet, you’ll want to find something that is soft, durable, and a low pile height. Finding a low pile carpet means that the cut or loop of the carpet is short. Having a low pile carpet is also great for people with allergies as it does not allow as much dust to sit and stick in between each strand. It’s easier to vacuum, and can sometimes have a better lifespan. This type of carpet is also great for chairs to move back and forth, and also for toys for roll around when you’re little one is at play. 

Best Type of Pattern 

Another thing to keep in mind is the pattern of the rug. This is something that I’ve learned from personal experience. The pattern of the rug is important because if someone were to spill something on the rug, it could either:         A. Blend with the rug even after it’s cleaned, or         B. Stand out.  Finding a random pattern is a better option for parents because it hides more stains. If you were to choose a more uniformed pattern, the stains will stand out a whole lot more. 

Here is an example of a uniform patterned rug:                Here is an example of a random patterned rug: 

Found at Wayfair.                                                                          Found also at Wayfair

Notice in the uniform pattern, how each line is perfect and exact. The uniform pattern also has a lot of negative space, meaning that any spill or stain will distract the eye from the beauty of the rug. Now notice the random pattern rug, any spill or stain on that rug won’t matter as much as it will look as though it is a part of the blend of the rug. The random pattern is the way to go for families with young children. It will hide stains, last longer through the years, and can still create a pleasing style.  Some people have a certain style in mind for their playrooms, that they begin to ignore the fact that something like a uniform rug isn’t always the best idea for families with young children.     


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