Hollywood Swank Style

Client Brief : Accessory Pieces

This client needed a little help finding all the right accessory pieces to complete the look of her living room. She has a little 2 year old in the household that we needed to consider when arranging the design, so that we did! She had an existing two sofas and an ottoman in place. She needed a rug, drapes, end tables, wall decor, and decorative accessory pieces. After reviewing the client’s existing pieces and inspirational images, it was evident that the client had the eye for a ‘Hollywood Regency’ style. With all the curves and glam in her inspiration images, the designer needed to create a similar look.  

Focal Point

Our priority throughout the design was to allow the fireplace to be the main focal point and design around the fireplace with variety of textiles and patterns. As shown in the original concept board, the design placed focus around brass and blush tones, but the client requested another hue in place of the blush tone. Two primary colors were chosen as the choice of accent colors, which the client loved! Yellow, navy and brass were now our choice of hues to play around with. Using round edges for the end tables instead of sharp corners helps with young children because accidents can always happen. The following is a progress photo of what was done…   Hollywood-swank-style


Side Table | Rug | Lamp | Faux Flower | Boxwood Trees | Gold Pillow | Silver Pillow | Throw Blanket | Artwork  

Final Design

During our design time, the client had decided that she wanted to replace the artwork. Doing so with what she was requesting meant that we’d have to remove and replace some items to fit within the means of the client’s budget. Some clients will extend their budget and some will want to keep working around it. In this case, the client wanted to continue to work around her budget and sacrifice a few o the other pieces that were in the previous design board. We added the two nesting tables on the one end of the sofas and removed the other two accent tables that were there. We also replaced the artwork with two decorative mirrors.


Nesting Tables | Mirrors