Neutral Modern-Transitional Living Space


During my design time with this client, she expressed her passion for a modern-transitional style. Based off of her inspirational images, I too could see her love for modern-transitional styles. She was very much into neutrals, and whites an wasn’t opposed to a few blue accent pieces. She lives with a partner and had no kids, which made it acceptable to use objects with edges. But the client does have pets, which led me to being careful on fabric choices. 

Designing Around Pets

Anytime a client has a pet in the household, it is important to remember to design around the people and animals who will be using the space. For example, a loop-pile rug or carpet could be pulled and torn if there is a pet in the household with sharp claws. This would result in the rug or carpet wearing and tearing sooner than the owner would hope to replace the item. This is one of many examples and why it is so important to hire a professional who knows and understands these things.

Adding Blue

After a few revisions, and bouncing around different ideas, the client wanted to the see the space with some blue accent pieces added. We added a couple of seersucker and navy pillows to give a color pop. But the client wasn’t in love with the idea. She had a very neutral style in mind for her living room, which resulted in switching back to the original color palette.

End Result

The end result still turned out lovely with gray wall medallions that complimented well with the neutral toned, medallion pillows. Leaving the space with a clean and admirable look.