Creating the Wow Factor

Wow Factor 

During my meeting with this client, she had explained that she wanted to create the “wow” factor for her formal living room. This is the first room in the house that you see when you walk in the entry way. As a designer, I’ve never really been asked to show something so vibrant. In all honesty, this challenge was definitely stepping outside of my comfort zone to try and please the client. Most clients typically ask for something welcoming and comforting, but not this lady. She was a wild one living life on the edge. 

Secondary Colors 

For her design, I played around with the color wheel, steering away from neutrals and inviting bright hues to the palette. If you’re not a designer and haven’t studied much art, then you probably didn’t know that the hues in this palette were chosen with purpose. The hues in this palette make up the Secondary Colors of the color wheel. Secondary colors consist of green, violet, and orange. These colors combined create a significant harmonious design that pops. 

Happy Client Makes a Happy Home 

The design called for an emerald linen fabric wallpaper to be pasted to the walls. A leather sofa and leather poufs to offset the design from comfortable to jumping out at you. The blend of violet hues splattered on the artwork perfectly portrayed the personality of the woman I worked with on this project. Once I explained to the client what the meaning of the artwork meant to me as the designer, she chuckled and said, “I love it so much more because you said that! “. Adding a tasteful amount of brass accessories sold this project flawlessly to the client.  The design was neither over accessorized or boring. Definitely told the story of her as a person. After a few minor adjustments to the design, she was completely in love and happy with the turn out!  GET THE LOOK: Artwork | Pouf | Sofa | End Table | Succulent | Rug | Sconce