Adding Hidden Storage

Hidden storage is the new way of life!

This client originally contacted me because she needed a child-proof, friendly environment for her family of three. She was one of my favorite client’s to work with throughout the process because I could relate to her needs! I, too have a one year old, and had to find all the same solutions when my daughter became more mobile and active.

During our design process, we concluded that she needed all the storage we could find to hide all of her child’s toys, but also make it easily accessible when he needed to play. She needed to keep her sectional, and TV console in the space, and that we did! While searching for an easily accessible way to hide the toys, and create a stylish look, I found storage ottomans to be the best fit for this client.

Random Pattern vs. Uniformed Patterned Rug

Anytime you have a random patterned rug, it makes it harder to see any stains and dirt. With a one year old, that could be a good thing! This random patterned rug will hide most dirt and stains, and will likely last longer than a uniformed pattern rug. As much as I love uniformed patterns, it only works in certain scenarios. Having children in the mix, doesn’t always end well for the rug!


Adding artwork for a client can sometimes be a little tricky. Artwork is personal. It is a representation of something that a client loves or feels. When choosing artwork, it is important to provide your designer with a list of stuff you love and how you would like the space to make you feel.

Someone once told me that they’d like for the artwork to make them feel edgy, therefore an abstract drawing or painting could do the trick. Another person said that they’d like for it make them feel calm, then a nature inspired artwork would be the best case scenario. Each client is different, and each client feels something different. A designer is not a mind reader, so it is your job to provide them a description of how you’d like the feel of your space to be. Providing the designer with some examples of artwork that catch your attention will definitely help ease the search!

In this case, we weren’t too far off with the feel of the space. Nature played the part of calm for this client, finding the right artwork took a little time but had us heading in the right direction!