Rustic Chic to Clean line Living Room Design

Our First Look

Our first look began with a rustic chic style, including a wingback chair and solid coffee table all around. The client needed to keep a rug, armoire,  drapes, and certain decorative objects within the space. While trying to work around all the existing objects in the space, and keeping a tight budget in mind, we decided to go with a lighter color accent chair and a more modern-looking sofa.

Implementing the changes

Obsessing over the honeycomb end tables allowed us to work around all the objects we loved, and all the objects we decided to change. The client felt that a more simple and sophisticated look would suit their family’s needs. From here on out, we decided to do just that, simple and clean lined. No over-accessorizing, no nick knacks, just a simplistic clean look. 

The End Result

Working to keep everything within small and tight budget made it fairly difficult to find all the right pieces, but we did it! From a functional sofa to a coffee table and end tables with round edges instead of sharp edges; we designed this space to be functional and stylish for this family. The end of the project resulted in a safe environment for the client’s three children, clean line and serene.